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Name The 1st Hotel Chain To Offer In Room Telephones

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(Courtesy of robotpolisher on Flickr)

Can you imagine checking into a hotel that doesn’t have telephones in their rooms?

Better yet, can you imagine checking into a hotel-in let’s say, Tuscon, Arizona, that doesn’t have air-conditioning units in their rooms?

Before 1952, those things weren’t part of a typical hotel stay. But, in 1952, Kemmons Wilson, changed that. And more.


The Holiday Inn

Wilson, an entrepreneur at heart, declared that his hotels would be;

  • Standardized
  • Clean
  • Predictable
  • Family-friendly
  • Readily accessible to road travelers
And they would have phones and air-conditioning!


Kind of sounds like a franchise. It is. And, The Holiday Inn is celebrating it’s 60-Year Anniversary.


Here’s some lyrics to a song I found that’s bound to help your corporate team get in the celebratory mood…

Sippin’ some ripple, I got quarters, dimes, and nickels
For shizzle dizzle, I’m on a track with the Big Snoop Dizzle
Let the Henny trickle, down the beat, wit a ghetto tempo
I done blazed the instrumental, laid it plain and simple
Getting brain in the rental, I done did it again
My eyes chinky, I’m wit Chingy, at the Holidae In

- Chingy, Holiday Inn (Ft Snoop Dogg) 

Courtesy of


Holiday Inn Express Ipswich Orwell 1

(Holiday Inn Hotel room, courtesy of Paul Robertson-Flickr)


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