This Franchise Doesn’t Cause Bleeding

franchise hair threading

That looks enjoyable.

Ladies, (and men) hair waxing may be dead. And with it, the pain and bleeding that’s sometimes included at no extra charge.

Here’s why…


You Can Now Get Threaded

I know.

Getting threaded sounds like some type of bizarre Beta Theta Pi ritual that takes place on college campuses every fall.

But, it’s not a sorority thing. Not at all.

It’s a hair-removal thing.  And, it’s done very differently from the way shown in the video below.


From a recent Franchise Business Press Release:

At Ziba Beauty, we place a high value on delivering consistent services to our clients,” said Sumita Batra, Ziba Beauty’s CEO. “We never anticipated threading would become one of the top beauty trends in the U.S., but we’re happy to meet the demand through franchising and giving clients services they can trust.”

So, eyebrow threading is a hot trend now? Really?

Have you ever heard of it? Does it exist beyond California’s borders?

Tell Me

The founder of  this 16-unit California franchise business wants to make sure that you do get familiar with it.

And, you are now.

Wasn’t that painless? And, no blood.

For more information on eyebrow-weaving, and the Ziba Beauty franchise, go here.


An observation: I think they’re using non-waxed dental floss.


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