Would You Go To Taco Bell For Breakfast?


In my younger days, breakfast sometimes consisted of whatever was within reach. As long as it wasn’t moldy, it was fair game. Now, not so much.

If a car was within reach, and I had a few dollars in my pocket, an 11:00 AM McDonald’s hamburger was fine. Fries-sure. No prob.

But, a Taco Bell Breakfast Burrito?

If Taco Bell had been serving breakfast (like they are now) I’m not sure if I would have been a frequent flyer there.

Just. Not. Sure.

I don’t think Taco Bell has a poor product-not at all. It’s just the idea of having breakfast there, I guess.


Would You Go To Taco Bell For Breakfast?

The fast food sector-especially in franchising, is super-competitive. To compete, franchisors need to (sometimes) get out of their comfort zones. In Taco Bell‘s case, in a big way.

Do you think it’s a risky move? After all, McDonald’s wasn’t known for serving breakfast until they did.

It’s just that the idea of a large, spicy burrito-for breakfast…well, it doesn’t create hunger pangs in this King’s abdomen. Maybe it’s an age thing.

Maybe Taco Bell isn’t targeting my demographic. Maybe they’re just hoping that the iron-gut crowd, that 18-24 year-old bunch, is cool with spicy food fairly early in the morning.


Cool Taco Bell Ad

I give YUM! Brands credit for creating a clever-and great, ad campaign.

Ronald McDonald?

I’ll bet that ad really upset the folks at McDonald’s corporate headquarters. As a matter of fact, McDonald’s CEO called Taco Bell a “taco shop,” and according to this story from Eater National, didn’t seem to worried about the new breakfast competition.


Fast Food Franchises

I can’t think of a sector of franchising that’s more competitive than the fast food sector.

The franchisors and the franchisees have a lot of money tied up. It takes a lot of money to run a successful fast food franchise. Heck, it takes a lot of money to buy one.

According to Franchise Direct, it costs over $1 million to open one free-standing traditional Taco Bell restaurant.

And, what is a free-standing Taco Bell restaurant?

“Free-standing, permanent buildings of various sizes and configurations that offer the full Taco Bell menu. The buildings include a kitchen facility where food is prepared and assembled, a counter where orders are placed and paid for and food is delivered, tables and seats for customers and, frequently, an automobile drive thru.”

Read more on Taco Bell startup costs and requirements.

And, check out these 7 silly things about Taco Bell.

So, are you going to try breakfast at your local Taco Bell?

photo credit: JeepersMedia via photopin cc


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    Update: My daughter’s 18-year old boyfriend, just told me he can’t wait for a Taco Bell to open down the street from him. He would love to eat breakfast there.