Freedom and Control

Most of the folks that I consult with about franchise business ownership are not only focused on making money. I’ve found that they have other reasons, too.

Like having more freedom and having more control.

Can you relate?


Freedom and Control

My last official, ‘job’ was so dysfunctional, it still hurts my brain to even think about it. Heck, Dr. Phil could have brought his entire crew in to tape a full week of episodes without even scratching the surface of all the sickness that was taking place at the automotive franchise that I was attempting to manage. It was bad.



The freedom to come and go when you please. Sounds nice, huh?

The freedom to hire who you want.

The freedom to take a day-or a few days off-whenever you want.



When I lost my job in 2000, I had know idea what I was going to do.

But, during that moment, when the GM told me to pack my bags, I knew what I didn’t want.

I didn’t want someone else having control over my career-my life.

Do you?


The Big Change

So I joined my dad’s company franchise consulting firm and have never looked back.

Now I really do have freedom and control.

You can too.

It takes courage.

I know you have it.

You can make money in a franchise, if you choose the right one, and do great research.

And, you’ll like some of that freedom and control, too.

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  • Heather Stone

    Hi, Joel. I really think freedom and control are amongst the top reasons people usually start small businesses of any kind. Sure, there’s a chance of eventually making more money than you would at a 9-to-5, depending on the business, but this probably shouldn’t be your reason for taking the plunge.

    • The Franchise King


      You’re right; it has to be-it should be-not just about the money.

      But, making a lot of money can be a good thing :)