Free Franchise Quiz: Are You A Fit For A Franchise Business?

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Are You A Fit For A Franchise Business?

Find Out If You’re Franchise Material By Taking My Free Franchise Quiz!

Over 5000 people have taken my Free Franchise Quiz since it’s launch way back in 2006.

I’ve tweaked it over the years to keep it current with franchise industry trends and the like-it’s not “old.”

It’s also not scientific. At all. But, it works. (You’ll see)

If you live in North America, and you’re thinking about becoming the owner of a franchise, the first thing you need do is find out if you would make a good candidate for a franchise-type business. In other words, are you a fit for a franchise business?

Fact: When you buy a franchise, you’re buying someone else’s  business system. Their franchise concept is their “baby.”

In a franchise system, you are required to follow the franchisors rules…and use their business systems. That includes their very  detailed operations manual. Their franchise operations manual was written to keep things consistent throughout the system. In addition, they already have a specific marketing plan in place. They have pre-set advertising templates for you to use-you cannot generally use your own ads without their permission. There are other specific things that you’ll be required to do as a franchise owner; they’re all designed to keep the franchise uniform, both operationally, and in the consumer’s eyes.

There’s more.

Free Franchise Quiz: Are You A Fit For A Franchise Business?

I created the quiz for people who are interested in becoming franchise owners-who want to make sure they are right for franchising.

A lot of people make the mistake of looking into franchising because they hear that buying a franchise is buying “A business in a box.” Don’t do it. Don’t go into franchise ownership thinking that because it’s a franchise business, everything is set-up for you and all you have to do-to make money, is open the door to your business every morning and wait for the money to roll in.

Owning A Franchise Involves Really Hard Work.  It involves patience, too.

You aren’t going to make money for a while.


Owning A Franchise Could Turn Out To Be The Best Thing You’ve Ever Done

That’s right. Owning a franchise can be very rewarding. Very. Rewarding.

It comes down to choosing the right franchise for you, doing great research, and using professionals that know franchise law and small business accounting.


Do This First

North American Residents: Take my free franchise quiz before you start looking for a franchise to buy.

There’s virtually no chance of success unless you’re the right fit for what’s been called the greatest business model ever invented.


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