Open This Franchise Near A Runway

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It’s located at an airport but it’s not a food franchise.

Instead, the franchise opportunity I just learned about involves very luxurious automobiles.

Have I peaked your interest?


new rental franchise

Go ahead; you try to pronounce it.

This German company is creating a franchise network in the USA. The company wants to acquire franchise partners in different states, step-by-step, so it can increase the pace of expansion in the car rental market in the USA.

In other words, Sixt is looking for individuals who would like to become part of it’s brand.

High net-worth individuals.


Open This Franchise Near A Runway

From the Sixt website:

Sixt requires qualified candidates to have at least $150,000 of liquidity and a net worth of at least $500,000.  Note that this requirement does not indicate the total investment required to operate a Sixt franchise as car rental is a capital intensive business.  Actual amounts required will vary for a number of reasons.  Candidates should have a good credit history and be able to obtain fleet financing for their own fleet.”

Now, about the fleet…


upscale cars

Obviously, Sixt is not your normal, everyday car rental agency.

Enough said.

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