Can Franchise Start-Up Costs Be Significantly Lowered Using Modular Construction?

lower costs

Franchise start-up costs can really add up. Is there a way to significantly lower them?

It’s pretty hard to lower costs when it comes to building out a franchise business location.

Unless of course, a construction process that’s being used in other industries can be adapted to franchising…

The modular construction process bears resemblances to traditional construction.  It uses all of the same materials you’d expect to be involved, but it’s done so in a controlled factory environment that reduces waste, accelerates timelines and allows for faster occupancy.

Modular construction has been used to build 30 story high-rises, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools and a variety of other highly-technical construction projects. Chances are, If you can dream it, it can be built using modular construction techniques.

Less material waste and less site disruption means that modular construction techniques are also green.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about this type of construction that could significantly lower franchise start-up costs-and possibly increase your bottom line.


Franchise Infographic FullLength Infographic: Modular Franchises Make Fast Food Even Faster

Modular Franchises Make Fast Food Even Faster – An infographic by ModSpace.
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