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Get Your Franchise Business Opportunity Exposed With My 30 Day Marketing Boost!

If you feel that it’s time for you to do something a little different, and get some great exposure for your franchise opportunity, read on…

two boatloads of tourists
I know that you’d like to have a boatload of highly qualified franchise candidates contacting you.

You know that today’s candidates are being exposed to more marketing messages than ever before.

I know how to get their attention.

That’s because I’ve been doing it myself, (successfully) for years.

And, now’s your chance to get on my bus. And, get a much-needed franchise marketing boost.

I’ve known Joel for many years, actually so far back he was known then as The Franchise ‘Prince!’ Joel has a unique way of understanding and communicating what it takes to be successful in the world of business ownership. His expertise in the Blogosphere and his marketing methods are key for someone looking to get their brand into the market and in front of prospective franchise buyers. He has created a ton of “relevance” on the Internet and having his fingerprint on your brands content is invaluable. He is a great resource for both Franchisors and franchise buyers. I can comfortably say he IS The Franchise King!

- Richard Nonelle, Founder & CEO of Window Genie

A Franchise Marketing Boost

I have an online presence that’s probably more powerful and more diversified than yours.

And, most likely, I’ve been at it longer than you. (That’s not a slam. It’s just a fact.)

For example, The Franchise domain has been around since 2005. I wrote my first blog post in March of 2006. I was way ahead of everyone else in the franchise industry.

And, being out in front helped me get noticed.

All sorts of local and national media outlets were contacting me. They wanted me to share my expertise with their audiences. They still do. Check out my Press Page.

I was also getting approached by other business experts and business website owners who wanted me to write articles on franchising for them. I did, and still do.

You can find my franchise/small business articles on the following websites:

  • SBA.Gov
  • Small Business Trends
  • Open Forum By American Express
  • The Huffington Post
  • Up And Running
  • Carol
  • Duct Tape Marketing
  • Small Biz Daily
  • Spring-Green Franchise Blog
  • Franchwire
  • Cox Small Business


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I also have a very strong social media presence. I’m very active on the major networks.

I have thousands of very loyal followers and fans on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

Almost 3,000 people subscribe to my free almost-weekly newsletter. (And very few unsubscribe!)

I’ve also been able to gain quite a following because of Become A Franchise Owner! (The franchise book that Wiley Publishing paid me an advance to write.)

Since Ultragloss began using The Franchise King’s marketing expertise, we have experienced increased lead volume Additionally, Joel has stepped in to consult with our company about our sales process in order to achieve our franchise sales goals. His knowledge and expertise has been a great asset to our company and I highly recommend his services to any company working to build their online presence, acquire quality leads, and take their sales team to the next level.
- Elyse Hirsch, Director of Sales And Marketing, Ultragloss Automotive Franchise

Get On My Bus!

I’d like to invite you to come aboard, and grab a seat.

You might as well get comfortable, because if you choose to purchase the franchise marketing program that I’m about to tell you about, you’re not going to have to do a lot of work.

Would you like to know why?

I already did it for you. All you have to do is pay a fare.

In a nutshell, I’ve built a powerful (and credible) franchise information platform, and you can benefit from it right now. I’ll get your message out to my readers…my followers…my fans.

And these people…they know me…they like me…and they trust me.

They also know that I’m very picky about who I work with. I don’t allow just anybody on my bus.

This is your chance to get your story told to an audience that wants to hear it.


Though blogs and influencers don’t get a large portion of brands’ digital spend, they rank high with consumers for trust, popularity and influence,” a recent  Technorati report said. “When making overall purchase decisions for consumers, blogs trail only behind retail and brand sites.”


The Franchise King® 30-Day Marketing Boost

My Franchise Marketing Boost Program is multi-faceted.

It includes:

  • Blog posts (2)
  • Social media marketing
  • Newsletter sponsorship
  • A franchise directory listing


Here’s how it works:

I’ll personally write two articles that will be published on The Franchise King Blog. The 1st one will be around 7 days after I receive payment. The 2nd one will be done interview style; the CEO, or another representative of your franchise will answer 5-6 questions that I’ll send over in an email. Our Q & A will be the basis for the post.

Here’s an example of an article I did for a recent client of mine.

Here’s what their interview-style article looked like

Pretty nice, huh?

Of course, those blog posts will remain in the archives of The Franchise site, and will be indexed in Google and Bing.
Plus, I’ll spread the posts around all of my social media networks- ones that have thousands of fans and followers numerous times throughout the 30-day period.

There’s more….
You’ll be the sponsor on one of my almost-weekly newsletters. Remember, 2,000 2345 people subscribe to get my newsletter delivered right to their inboxes.

Here’s a recent newsletter.
Finally, you’ll receive a Featured Listing on The Franchise Biz Directory for one full year! (An $89 value) Wait! I’m changing it to a Platinum Listing! $199 Value!!
All combined, your franchise opportunity will get some serious exposure, which may turn into franchise leads, which may turn into new franchise unit sales!

One question:
Are you interested in learning more?

I’ll bet that you want to know how much The Franchise King® 30-Day Marketing Boost program is.

Contact me today. You’ll find this marketing program to be quite reasonable.

Fill out my online form.

(Image courtesy of by Bob Doran, on Flickr)