Franchise Opportunities; What’s The Real Story Behind Those "Business Coaching" Franchises?


When you've been out of a job for awhile, franchise investments of only $60k-$75k can be pretty darn enticing. Have you ever seen wonderful wording like this on job search sites?

"If you are interested in building significant income, wealth and equity
and having a lifestyle where you control your destiny then you may want
to consider becoming a business coach with ____ ___."

Little problem. I don't think that it's a job post. I think it's a franchise opportunity offering. And I found it on a job search website. Ok. You don't have to believe me. Here's the company that paid for the advertising; AdviCoach

I feel that advertising a franchise opportunity on a website that specializes in job listings is wrong, especially if it lists $100k-$400k as the salary range….

Call me crazy. Go ahead.


If you've been out of work for 8 months, and saw a job listing in which you met one or more of the "requirements," and the salary range was outstanding, (Say $100-$400k!) would you start shining your shoes for an interview? I would.

I have known about low-cost opportunities like business coaching for a long time. I really know about them. I'll show you how much I know in Part 2 of this story. AdviCoach is only one example. There's a lot more Action

Stay tuned. Here's Part 2

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  • David Sedbrook

    That’s so awful that a franchise would do this. I wonder could this franchise be in danger of future litigation for making false promises while advertising their opportunity? I am sure their FDD sings a different tune but it seems to me this is a grey area.

  • The Franchise King

    Thank you for your comment-and your observation on this one.
    I really do try to see things a little grayer.
    Not in this case though.
    The Franchise King
    Joel Libava

  • Thomas Scott

    It may be that Careerbuilder is actively recruiting franchise companies to advertise franchise offerings in the job sections. CB had a sales rep at the IFA conference this year in San Diego and he was saying how successful this form of advertising is. Liberty Tax, I think, does it along with many other non-coaching brands. We’ve thought of it – you would have to use the salary fields since a franchise ad is not a direct fit for job listings.

  • The Franchise King

    If my fairly weak memory serves me right, Liberty tax was called on this, and stopped advertising their opportunity.
    This is a slippery slope.
    Joel Libava

  • Robin

    fantastic post about franchise opportunities

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  • fulldisclosure

    I don’t have any issue with Franchises listing opportunities on job postings with the caveat that they clearly identify themselves as a Franchise Opportunity that requires an investment and how much that investment is. Heck-they list all the candidate requirements. I can spot those ads every time I search.

    • The Franchise King

      I agree with you, 100%.

      The thing is: they don’t.

      Or, if they do, it’s at the end of the ad. It’s misleading. On purpose.