Stop Floundering Around

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There are thousands of franchise choices.

It’s easy to flounder around.

Set clear goals so you won’t flounder.


So Many Choices

I know that you’re trying to find a great franchise to buy.

I also know that it can be very challenging to find one. There are so many opportunities to choose from these days. You need to separate the diamonds from the duds. In addition, you need to make sure that you’re buying a franchise for the right reasons.

You may choose to use top franchise lists to narrow things down a bit. You may choose to find franchises using an online directory. You may even be tempted to try one of those automated franchise matching tools that seem to appear and disappear with predictable frequency.


You may want follow the suggestions that I’ve been writing and speaking about for years.

But, do something; floundering around isn’t fun.


Set Clear Goals

Another great way to avoid floundering around is to set clear goals.

Better yet, after you set them, write them down.

That’s what Bob Golub of Lansing, Michigan did.

From Franchise Direct:

When Golub made his list of goals for choosing a franchise, they included a business that would let him stay close to home, an established brand name in the marketplace, an opportunity to grow, products or services to which he could relate, and an environment that would allow him to leverage the considerable experience and skills he’d acquired over his long and successful career.”

Notice how specific his goals were. Can you be as specific?

If so, you should be able to find a franchise or two to look into.

Golub has several great suggestions for anyone who’s thinking of buying a franchise. Go here to see what they are.




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