8 Must-Read Franchise Blog Posts For Serious Franchise Business Buyers

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If  you’re hoping that franchise ownership will become a reality for you in the near future, I’ve gathered 8 crucial franchise business articles that you need to read. The links below will may lead you to The Franchise Promised Land if you read them in their entirety. In other words, they aren’t meant to be skimmed over.


I’ve included 6 blog posts from this blog, and 2 from the new website/blog that I created for my franchise book.


My hope is that you find them valuable, and that you’ll pass them around via Re-Tweets and some other creative ways.



The Best Thing About Owning a Franchise Business


Should You Feel Sorry For The Franchisors?


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This Franchise Post is For Men Only


One Day You May Want to Sell Your Franchise


The Top 10 Franchise Business Directories


The Top 20 Things to Do Before You Even Think of Buying a Franchise


Why Buy a Hot Franchise?


8 Really Dumb Reasons to Buy a Franchise Business  

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