Ford Employee Takes Buyout And Buys An Automotive Franchise

ultragloss announces new automotive franchisee

Javier knew that being an hourly employee at Ford (although it was a good gig), couldn’t provide him with an opportunity to achieve his long-term goals.

So he left.

The Ford Motor Company factory where he worked at was closing, and he was presented with these two options:

1. Relocation

2. Take a buyout


A Ford-Style Buyout

At least they offered Javier some choices.  He could have just been laid off…fired, really-like millions of others all across America have been during the past few years. He’s grateful that he was offered some choices.

Javier took the Ford buyout.

And, he bought an Ultragloss Automotive Paint Franchise

From Javier:

When I was at at Ford, I was getting paid by the hour; no matter how much I did, I was paid my wage.  I’m a motivated individual and now I can use that motivation in my own business,” Javier continues, “and I have the freedom to do more and control my schedule.  And I have the support to do this.”

Congratulations, Javier.

Make it happen!



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