Environmentalists Won’t Order Pizza From These Coal-Fired Franchise Chains

coal fired pizza pie

Did you know that there are pizza franchises for sale that use coal-fired ovens? Obviously, the owners don’t really care about the environment.

It’s a little hard to believe, considering the fact that an entire franchise category has been created around a certain color. Consumers today are much more concerned about our environment these days, and small business owners really need to be aware of that fact. Except that this small business owner could be missing that boat…


Coal-Fired Pizza Franchise Chains

Let’s give a warm welcome to Anthony Russo, the owner of Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen franchise.

I haven’t had a chance to interview Mr Russo, so in fairness, I don’t know where he stands on environmental issues. Maybe he’s a real, “save-the-whales” kind of guy.  (If you know Anthony, can you let me know how he feels about whales and other green issues in the comments?) And, I’m not really that mad at him for insisting on using coal-fired ovens in his franchises. However, I do think it’s newsworthy, considering the fact that things seem to be getting warmer around here. (The earth’s temperatures)

And, I haven’t tasted his pizza. I know that Barry Benjamin, a great friend of mine, who happens to be focused on all things green, wouldn’t buy a pizza from one of Mr. Russo’s restaurants. (Barry was the photographer who took the picture that’s located on the inside flap of this start-up franchise business book)

I don’t think that Doreen would either. Jim might, though.



Coal-Fired Pizza Franchise Chains Are…

Not very eco-friendly.  MMMM.

Until I started to get passionate about our environment, I really didn’t know about coal, and how much it negatively impacts the earth.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, coal-fired power plants are the largest US source of carbon dioxide pollution, emitting 2.5 billion tons per year. Carbon dioxide is one of the main ‘greenhouse gases’ that trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, causing the planet’s temperature to rise, melting glaciers, raising sea levels, altering ecosystems, and triggering increased severity of weather events like hurricanes.”  From GreenAmerica.org 

I’ve heard several mentions of “clean coal,” but several articles that turned up in a 5-minute search on Google didn’t convince me that there was such a thing. On the contrary,  Mary Anne Hitt, wrote this last month over at The Huffington Post;

This week we’re celebrating as more utilities are recognizing that coal is dirty and expensive, and are deciding to make the switch to clean energy.”  Hitt was referring to power companies in Michigan and Wisconsin making a commitment to stop burning coal; they’re making investments in low-cost clean energy.


 Pizza Fusion
Toyota Prius Pizza Fusion Franchises

Speaking of pizza franchises, when I learned that Pizza Fusion was using Toyota Prius’s as delivery vehicles, I got pretty excited. Hopefully, someone in my market will invest in one or two Pizza Fusion franchises. I want to taste an organic pizza!

Pizza is huge. Do you know how many different pizza franchises there are? Do you know how many independent pizza shops are in existence in the US?

don’t.  I was just wondering…



Mark Cuban Believes In Naked Pizza

Let’s assume that eating pizza made using the coal-fired oven baking method isn’t very healthy. Coal creates lots of nasty byproducts. (And, supposedly, semi-burnt-tasting pizza.)

But what is healthy(er) is Naked Pizza.

Mark Cuban gave the founder’s of this environmentally-friendly pizza franchise an infusion of cash to help them take things to next level, and they have. The buzzword at Naked Pizza is “probiotic.”  Probiotics have nothing to do with coal. They have to do with the little things that float around in things like yogurt; they’re live microorganisms. Read about them on the Naked Pizza website. They’re good for you.

And, Naked Pizza franchises are selling*.

Update >>> Naked Pizza franchises are kinda not selling.

That’s why Mark Cuban just sold his shares. From Silicon Bayou News:

In 2010, the company had plans to open 1,000 stores by 2015, but locations started closing faster than new ones could open. The healthy pizza company grew too big too fast and eventually closed over 15 locations. Over the last year, a few additional franchise locations closed, bringing the current number of stores in the United States to 11 and six internationally.”

Read the rest of the story.


curious to see what's inside?
I’m curious; does this topic matter to you? Would you eat a pizza from any of Anthony Russo’s franchises?

Or, would you go the organic route? What are your feelings about coal-fired pizza franchise chains?

Is a green franchise in your future?

Work with me, and I’ll show you where to find one, and then I’ll teach you how to do incredible franchise research.



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  • Barry Benjamin

    I like your style for your blog. You make sure people have plenty of ‘room’ to comment about the issues and businesses that you comment about. Thanks.

    • https://plus.google.com/b/115355061601450775837/115355061601450775837/posts The Franchise King

      Thanks for popping by, Barry!

      So–would you eat at one of these coal-fired pizza franchises?


  • anonymous

    The coal being used in the pizzeria’s is Anthracite. This is a far different coal than bituminous. Anthracite coal is made up of mostly carbon, with very little volatile matter, sulfur, etc. This is the cleanest burning form of coal. Coal fired power plants themselves have evolved, with improved environmental controls, supercritical technology, etc. Isogo Units 1 & 2 in Japan have emissions that are on par with that of a natural gas fired plant with the emissions technology employed.
    What is sad is while the coal protestors believe they are helping the environment, while they are actually hurting it. By preventing new coal plants which are more efficient, have low emmisions, as well as greater generation capability and greater efficiency, which means less fuel required to be burned per unit of electricity from replacing older units, far less efficient plants are kept running, which requires more coal to be burned resulting in greater emissions.
    Coal ash can be recycled, and is used in many area’s such as gypsum, wallboard, road agregate, portland cement, concrete blocks and so on. This alleviates the need to mine for these additives as well, which benefits the environment also.
    Everything has effects in generating power. Solar panels contain various forms of pollutants, geothermal can release toxic pollutants and contaminate potable water sources, hydro electric alters the landscape, coal requires mining, produces ash, natural gas has it’s problems (fracking, etc.), oil production also comes with problems.
    Subsidies alter market competition and should be done away with completely. They are also theft. Industry should be left to compete in a market that’s free, respects property rights, is not shielded by politicians. This includes allowing them to violate property rights, and shield them from compensating individuals for the harm they may have caused, or resulting of them going bankrupt from a hazard they caused. Alternative sources of energy could win out against other sources in a free, competitive market.

    • http://thefranchiseking.com/about-joel-libava-the-franchise-king The Franchise King

      Coal is dirty. Right?


  • Pizza Eater

    What a lame “article”. Absolutely no information at all about the actual franchises, no sampling the product or research. It’s no wonder I see no advertising on this page.

    “Do you know how many different pizza franchises there are? Do you know how many independent pizza shops are in existence in the US?
    I don’t. I was just wondering…”
    A franchise king would know this. lol

    • http://thefranchiseking.com/about-joel-libava-the-franchise-king The Franchise King

      Thanks for that.

      I don’t know anything about pizza restaurants-franchise or not.

      I only managed them at one time in my life. This article was about one tine segment of the pizza pie.

      If you’d like stats on the industry, here they are- http://www.statisticbrain.com/pizza-statistics/

      As for no advertising, what can I say.

      This website has some of that- http://www.franchisebizdirectory.com

      The Franchise King®

  • http://thefranchiseking.com/about-joel-libava-the-franchise-king The Franchise King

    So, it’s “clean” cal that’s being used?