Do You See Dollar Signs?

So, you’re thinking about becoming the owner of a food franchise

Subway Restaurant ;
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One reason you’re thinking of becoming an owner is that you know that a sizable number of time-starved consumers frequent food-service establishments.

(Because they don’t have time to cook.)

You also know that it’s not a new trend. It’s been happening for a long time. It’s just that you feel that it’s your turn to capitalize on it.


How About A Subway® Franchise?

Has the thought of buying a Subway® franchise ever crossed your mind?

Be honest.

It seems like everyone has wanted to become the owner of a franchise of this 38-year old sandwich chain at one time in their lives.

But, is a Subway®, or a similar food franchise, right for what you want in a business?


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You See Dollar Signs

I know that you don’t want to open a food franchise just because you’re a fan of food.

You want to become the owner of a food franchise because of the money.

You figure that you can’t freaking lose.

After all, these places are always busy. The owners…the franchisees, must be making money-hand over fist.


making money


Are You Sure That They’re Making A Lot Of Money?

This isn’t the time to assume.

Instead, this is the time to gather facts.

A busy business doesn’t make money. A profitable business does.

And, the only way to find out if a business is profitable is too look at The Books.


The Books May Look Good

It could happen, you know.

You could end up choosing a franchise in the food sector, (after doing a lot of great research) that is highly profitable. I hope so!

If that’s the case, there’s one more little thing for you to think about.

Can you work in that environment?


Headache After Headache

The food business is one of the toughest businesses in the world.

A day in the life of a food-service business owner is comprised of one problem after another.

One problem after another.

When I was in the restaurant business, a day without a crazy amount of problems was a good day. (And, a rare one!)

Commercial dish-washing machines break down. Cooks cut themselves. Grease traps clog and overflow. (Gross!)

And, you do know about the food-service employee turnover statistics, right?

Now, there is a way to keep high employee turnover rates down. The Way.


Still, Success Could Be Yours

If you’re willing to take the time needed to decide if owning a food franchise is right for you, and you pick a good one, success really could be yours. Just try to stay away from fads. (Which can be quite challenging-especially when it comes to food.)

I’d like nothing more than for you to be a successful franchise owner…wildly successful.

But, to do that, you’re going to have to do a lot of things right.

I’d like you to read something that took me quite a while to produce.

As a matter of fact, it’s the most comprehensive franchise article I’ve ever written for this franchise blog.

If you take the time to read it-really read it, I’m confident that you’ll be way ahead of the curve, and well on your way to lowering your risk and increasing your chances of success as a franchise business owner.

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