Dairy Queen Franchise Owners Not Chillin

Old. New.
DQ. Dairy Queen.The Blizzard. Conjures up sweet memories, huh. Well DQ Corporate has a new idea or two, which involve a lot more than their new logo above, and some franchisees of the chain are quite angry…..

It seems that the higher-ups at DQ want to do some more full service restaurant type things, and those "things" will involve an investment of $275k +.
Do you remember when UPS bought out Mail Boxes Etc.? There was at least one class action lawsuit started by franchisees, who were not in the mood to shell out $25k per store to turn their stores from red, white and blue to brown! {UPS has a brown thing going on}
Well some DQ owners in 9 different states has filed a lawsuit against DQ. DQ is a big company. It got so big, a wealthy guy with the last name of Hathaway bought it… Must be good, huh?
Would you want to sue one of Berkshire Hathaway’s companies?
MSNBC’s website has the whole story…Here


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  • http://www.clevelandrealestatenews.com Carole Cohen

    Omg, suing W B and Hathaway would not be on my list of things to do! Do franchise companies ever pay for some of the conversion expenses? I mean, that seems like a hefty fee I can understand why they are hot under the collar.