This Business Book Is Not An Easy Read

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My friend, John Jantsch, one of the best when it comes to business marketing strategies, wanted to know if he could send me a free review copy of his new book.

Of course, John. Send it over!” I told him.

Here’s my review of The Commitment Engine.


Why This Business Book is Not Easy To Read

Actually, if you totally ignore pages 31-38, The Commitment Engine is an easy read. Let me explain…

Some business books, (and their authors) are really good at explaining things…teaching us things that we can do to grow our businesses, or make them more efficient.

And, some books in the business genre do more than teach. A lot more. Like John’s new book.

The Commitment Engine gently encourages readers to do some work. But, it’s not easy work.

The cool this is that you-as the reader, have a choice. You can do the work that’s suggested in Chapter 3, or you can skip it and keep reading.

Like I did.

The 1st time I read John’s book.


Guilt Will Pay You A Visit

I only made it to around page 93.

It was at that point that Mr. Guilt paid me a visit. He didn’t roar into my head. He kind of started to needle me, though. Little by little-until it was getting harder for me to concentrate on what I was reading. It was getting harder and harder to not go back to Chapter 3.

But, my inner strength won out, and it enabled me to finish the book without doing the recommended work in Chapter 3.

Wow…I’m strong.

And weak.


Do The Work

I knew that I’d have to do the work.

I just didn’t want to.

But, I (mostly) did what John suggested in Chapter 3 the 2nd time I read The Commitment Engine.

It’s hard work. But, it’s going to be so worth it once I finish it.

Do you want to know more about what John’s exercise in Chapter 3 is all about?

No problem.

Get the book.


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  • Mike

    Love me a book that challenges me to do more then read. That is why I read, to do and become something more than I am.