Happening Now: National Veterans Small Business Week

sba veterans small business

November 3-7 is National Veteran's Small Business Week. Veteran-owned small businesses make a huge impact on our economy. There are probably several veteran-owned businesses in your own town...you just aren't aware of them. Yet.   Happening Now: National Veterans Small Business Week   President Obama just reached out to our veterans in celebration of National Veterans ... Read More

Times Square Gets A Build-A-Bear Workshop® Pop-Up Shop

the strip in vegas

The foot traffic in Times Square is legendary. Imagine having a store there. Imagine the revenue! Times Square is one of the most sought-after commercial real estate locations in the world. I'm not going to even bother looking up the per square-foot prices. Just figure they're out of this world. Thought: How could you possibly lose if you owned a retail store in the heart of Times ... Read More

Franchise Opportunities: How Important Is Territory In The Scheme Of Things?

franchise road

You've found a great (hopefully) franchise opportunity. You've talked to at least a dozen current franchisees. You’re starting to get excited about “the possibilities.” You haven’t been derailed by friends and family. You've discussed some potential territories with your franchise sales rep. And, by doing that, you’re starting to realize how important territory is in the scheme of ... Read More

McDonald’s Is Moving Too McSlow For Its Franchisees

too slow

What's the deal with McDonald's? It's embarrassing. Why is this fast food empire having so many problems? Why is it taking forever to fix them? Let's dig in.   What Joe Told Me Joe Stokar, the guy I credit for teaching me basic and even some advanced selling skills years ago, once told me this: "Don't be an 'I told you so' kind of guy." As the the new car sales manager, Joe's ... Read More

Cyber Attacks: Should Franchise Owners Worry About Them?


Are you a franchise owner? If so, should you worry about cyber attacks? The answer: Yes. Should you lose sleep over the possibility of a cyber attack on your franchise business? The answer: No.   Cyber Attacks: Should Franchise Owners Worry About Them? Cyber attacks are ugly. They have the potential to wipe out a lot of data, and can really hurt your business. And, they ... Read More

Franchise Scams: Franchising Is A Scam

vicious dogs

That’s right. Franchising is just a big-old scam. With a capital “S.” Are you surprised to see a statement like that coming from me? The Franchise King®? What’s the deal? Are their franchise scams? Is franchising really a scam? After all, I’m the guy who for years has been 100% focused on providing useful franchise tips, information and advice to prospective franchise owners from ... Read More

The Magic Of Franchise Financing

guest post on finance

(Guest post) Can you become rich by opening up a franchise? Possibly! However, if you're able to open 5 or 10 successful franchise locations, you’re more likely to get rich. The good news is that a business owner that is able to successfully operate one franchise location, is likely to be able to get financing to opening additional franchise locations at very attractive interest rates and ... Read More