The One Thing New Franchisors Need To Avoid At All Costs

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  New franchisors have it tough these days. First off, they have to be really different. I mean really different. They have to stand out with their products, services, or their way of doing business. Or, all three. Then they have to compete with thousands of other franchisors who think their offerings are the bomb, too... on franchise portals and franchise directories. But, other ... Read More

Tutor Doctor® Franchise Owner Secures $4 Million Deal

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I love reporting on good franchise business news. I just found this story...a good franchise business news story-online. It's the first I heard of it, and felt it was worth sharing. Maybe you'll be motivated to take a shot at becoming a franchise owner yourself after reading it. _______________________________________________________________ Since opening in 2011, Bob Rosedale's franchise ... Read More

New LinkedIn Group Started: How To Buy A Franchise

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  Are you interested in owning a franchise? Or, are you interested in at least learning about becoming a franchise owner? If so, I just started something that I hope you'll find useful. And, it's free for you to get involved with.   New LinkedIn Group Started: How To Buy A Franchise I just started a group on LinkedIn. It's the... How To Buy A Franchise ... Read More

Please Take This Short Franchise Ownership Survey

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So, you're thinking that franchise ownership could be the route for you to take. Why? Why do you want to buy a franchise? When would you like to be in business-in a perfect world? What types of franchises are you going to investigate? Please Take This Short Franchise Ownership Survey I'm in franchising. Have been for a long time. I have my own take on franchising as an industry. I ... Read More

Maybe You Should Look At Buying An Existing Franchise

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One option-if you're on the hunt for a franchise to buy, is to buy an existing franchise. An already-operating franchise business. It's one way to go, and there are definite advantages. In a moment, I'll show you a few advantages of *buying an existing franchise. *I recently asked subscribers of my free VIP Franchise Newsletter for their suggestions on what they'd like me to write about here. ... Read More

New Fitness Franchise Opportunity Is Well Positioned For Explosive Growth

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(Sponsored Post) This post was written by Ray Haiber As an experienced franchise professional, every once in a while I get invited to help bring a new concept to the market that I know intuitively has all the right ingredients to become a bona fide success. This is exactly what happened when I was introduced to TapouT Fitness late last year. Due to the exploding mainstream popularity of the ... Read More

Franchise Ownership Fact: Most People Are Too Frightened To Start A Business

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It's true. Most people are too risk-averse to start their own business. It's not a bad thing...not at all. But, it's a fact. It's the reason most people don't buy franchises-or any other type of business. Do you consider yourself to be risk-averse? Are you frightened with the idea of owning your own business? If so, and pardon my bluntness here, but why are you spending your time on The ... Read More