McDonald’s Is Officially In A Slump: CEO Is History


(Image from For the first time in 30 years, McDonald's revenue numbers waned compared to the year before. This ends the longest positive sales run of a domestic restaurant chain ever. 2014 was a tough year for the fast food franchise empire. It was only a matter of time that a shake-up at the top would happen. The CEO, Don Thompson, ... Read More

The Problem I Have With Franchise Rankings

top franchise rankings

Franchise industry insiders...the people who are actually in franchising, look at franchise rankings in a much different way than say, prospective franchise owners. Take me, for instance: I hardly ever take franchise rankings seriously. Most franchise professionals don't either-but you won't be able to easily get them to admit as much, publicly. Let's dig in to franchise rankings a bit...and ... Read More

How To Experience The Thrill Of Franchise Ownership


  Reading about franchise ownership isn't thrilling. It's interesting...even entertaining at times. But, it's not thrilling. We're talking about business articles here, not Stephen King novels. Out of the close to 2000 articles on franchising I've written over the years, I can't think of one that I'd call "thrilling." Admittedly, I'm an average writer. But, I'm better than I ... Read More

Buying A Franchise? Doing This Will Make You Look Like An Amateur

ready to rock

You're excited. Pumped. Ready to rock! That's because you've found it. You found The One...the best franchise around. And, you can't wait to see it in action. An up and running franchise of the business concept you want in on. I mean you really can't wait. So you don't. Big mistake. Keep reading.   You Don't Have To Look Like An Amateur Do you really want to look like ... Read More

Finally! A Way To Predict If A Franchise Location Will Be Successful

an example of a franchise location

  (Sponsored Post) Technology won't help you succeed at a bad franchise location; nothing will. It's no secret that franchisees (and franchisors) live or die when they choose their location. That's retail… and nothing will change that. Nevertheless, there’s something I want to share with you.   A Food Franchise Location Story Last year a smart new food franchise with ... Read More

Franchise Interviews: HandyPro Handyman Services | Senior Modifications

handypro senior care franchise

    Keith A. Paul, the founder and CEO of HandyPro International, LLC, was kind enough to answer a few questions for me about his unique and ready-for-prime time, franchise opportunity. But, before we dig in-and find out about HandyPro-from the CEO’s perspective, please read my introduction.   HandyPro Is Very Different I was pretty excited when I first learned about ... Read More

Will 2015 Be Your Year To Be The Boss?

be your own boss 2015

(Courtesy of Guidant Financial) At some point or another, every employee fantasizes about quitting their day job and becoming their own boss. It’s the quintessential American dream — building a career from the ground up and taking control of one’s own destiny. And with approximately 543,000 new businesses launching each month, it’s an aspiration more and more people are ... Read More