How To Change The Franchise World As A Franchisee

changing the world

Before I share my thoughts and ideas on how franchisees can change the franchise world, it’s important for you to understand where my Crown head is at…where I’m coming from. Let’s begin.     My Baggage It comes with me wherever I go. Your  baggage comes with you too, although you may not be aware of it. By “baggage” I mean the things I've experienced. In this post on ... Read More

Franchise Trends: Is Pizza Getting Hot Again?

is pizza hot?

I was talking to my friend Barney last week . He's very knowledgeable about the food industry, and is one of very few people I know in franchising who, like me, actually worked in food-service. Now, when I say "worked in food service," in Barney's case, he was an Owner. Barney owned several food concessions at a major university.  Me-I wasn't a food-service business Owner. Instead, I was in ... Read More

Franchise Report: 2014 Children’s Education-Related Franchises

not free

I know first-hand, how difficult it can be for a pretty sizable amount of today's students to totally comprehend their curriculum. My daughter recently graduated high school, and she didn't excel in one of her subjects. So, we got her some help. It's pretty common these days. (The help wasn't free.) A strong understanding of math and science seems to be a major gateway to career success ... Read More

How Can A Junk Removal Business Lower Taxes?

junk removal franchises

The junk removal business is huge. That's probably why junk removal franchises are becoming popular. But, how can this type of franchise business lower taxes? Keep reading.   How Can A Junk Removal Business Lower Taxes? The junk removal business I'm referring to-the franchise, is called The Junkluggers. Franchisees (and their employees) of The Junkluggers haul away the stuff ... Read More

Customer Motivation: The Secret To Your Franchise Communications Strategy

strategy for franchises to communicate better

(This is a guest post from Laura Petrolino, of Arment Dietrich) Remember when you used your phone only to call people? That’s it. No texting. No looking things up on the internet. No Facebook or Twitter. No photography. You picked it up, you dialed a number. You called someone. A simple straight forward communications transaction. There was one goal and one tactic used to reach that ... Read More

Looking At Franchises? First Things First

wink and a prayer

Are you looking into franchise ownership? Have you found one or two franchise opportunities that interest you? If so, great! Now... Stop with the fear. There's nothing to be afraid of. Yet.   Keep reading.     Looking At Franchises? First Things First There is absolutely no reason to freak out about anything...about something that may-or may ... Read More

25 Food Franchises That Are Hot In The Great White North


Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas referred to Canada as "The Great White North," during their many appearances on SCTV. The show was hilarious. Many people first saw the late John Candy on SCTV.  Several other really funny people starred on the show over the years. Before I share 25 food franchises that are hot in "The Great White North," here's a two-minute skit featuring Moranis and Thomas ... Read More