Franchise Business Links For August


Check out the latest happenings in the world of franchising.... After recently hosting a convention for its franchise operators, GNC (retail vitamin and supplement stores) executives outlined what they call "a strong potential" to sell corporate stores to established franchise operators and to also recruit new franchisees for new GNC units. Rumors of potential lawsuits aren't going away ... Click to continue

A Proper Introduction To Franchising


Franchise Business University is now open for enrollment. If you're looking into franchise ownership, or are thinking of doing so, check it out.   A Proper Introduction To Franchising Summer (for some) is a great time to work on detail-oriented projects. Lots of people are out of school, or on vacation. The sun is out. Beaches (except the ones that have been visited by sharks as of ... Click to continue

Franchisors: Ignore This Piece Of Advice At Your Own Peril

memory retention

Once upon a time, there was no internet. No World Wide Web. (Ok. Not that long ago.) But, seriously, there wasn't an efficient way for prospective franchise buyers to check out potential franchise opportunities. Clicking from one franchise website to another didn't happen. It couldn't happen...because there weren't any websites to click to. How sad. So very sad. People looking ... Click to continue

Franchise Ownership: How Cool Would It Be To Own Multiple Locations?

cool to own multiple franchise locations

That cool. I think it would be really cool to own more than one franchise location. Do you? Do you picture owning multiple locations?   Cruising Through Town Can you picture yourself cruising through town, visiting each of your franchise locations? Popping in to check up on things? Looking through receipts, calculator in hand? Counting. Meeting with your ... Click to continue

Crisis Management: Subway Franchise Magicians Make Jared Fogle Disappear

subway makes jarod fogle disappear

    The Subway PR team magicians have just made Jared Fogle disappear. Fogle is gone from time and space. You can't (and won't) find his name or his picture anywhere on the Subway corporate website. Wise move.   Speed When a reporter called me (yesterday) to ask questions about Subway-and the Jared Fogle crisis, I told her that, "Subway's PR team has to move ... Click to continue

What Winning Looks Like In Franchising


If you were to buy a franchise, what would winning look like to you? Think about it for a moment. What are you seeing? What's the visual? What is your visual?   Define Success What are your goals? If you decide to pull the trigger, and actually buy a franchise...become an Owner, what would need to happen for you to consider your business to be a be a ... Click to continue

McDonald’s: They’re Making Their Quarter Pounder Bigger Why?

new mcdonald's store design

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but most restaurants in the U.S. are trying like heck to come up with healthier menu offerings for their customers. It's a good move, since the obesity rates in this country are through the roof. Right? So, why did the new McDonald's CEO decide to increase the size of the McDonald's Quarter Pounder? I'm so confused.   McDonald's: They're Making ... Click to continue