Chik fil A Franchise Quiz: Which State Will Now Be Flooded With New Chik fil A Restaurants?


If you've been keeping up with the latest news, you know the answer to this new franchise quiz. Wait: You haven't heard about what's going on in one of our Midwestern states? Keep reading.   Governor Mike Spence Signs New Law The Indiana Governor signed a law last week that permission-to any individual or corporation to cite religious beliefs as a defense when sued ... Read More

Why Should Quiznos Franchisees Trust The New CEO?

quiznos toasted sub

Why? Why the heck should Quiznos franchisees trust the new CEO...or anyone at Quiznos corporate office? Can you come up with a reason? Oh. You haven't been following the Quiznos saga? For starters, there used to be (in 2007) 5,000+ Quiznos stores. Now, there may be 1,000.   The Quiznos Franchise Saga Warning: What you're about to read will make you feel like you just got ... Read More

Exposed! Why This Franchisee Went Out Of Business

closed the franchise business

It wasn't his fault. He thought he was doing the right thing. He thought the franchise he chose was the right fit. He believed in franchising as a business model. He was 100% comfortable (using) systems. So, what happened? Why did this franchisee go out of business? Why did he have to close his doors? Keep reading.   This Franchisee This franchisee is now a friend of ... Read More

Finding The Support You Need To Become a Successful Business Owner

the ups store franchise

(Sponsored post) Many Americans dream of discovering newfound personal and financial independence by opening their own business, however a lack of experience and an uncertain economic environment can make it difficult for many of these aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully achieve this. In an effort to maintain long-term success over the course of a new career as an entrepreneur, many have ... Read More

5 Stupid Reasons For NOT Using A Franchise Lawyer When Buying A Franchise

stupid or dumb

When you're buying a franchise, you can either: A. Use the best resources available to help you lower your $$$$ risk B. Try figuring it all out on your own There is no "C."       Franchise Resources There are all sorts of resources available for today's prospective franchise owners. It's stupid not to use them. Some of them are free...some are not. Some are ... Read More

Reloaded: My Top Franchise Research Articles And Tips

research business franchises

There's so much darn noise out there. There are so many choices these days. Too many, if you ask me. (Did you ask me?) I'm referring to the internet of course-specifically the millions upon millions of search engine results that appear after we type in a description of what we're looking for. Take "franchise research" for example.   As you can see in the screenshot above, ... Read More

Good Jobs: Keep Your Good Job As Long As They Will Let You

high-paying job

If you currently have a good job, you should seriously consider keeping it for as long as you can. Or, as long as "they" will let you. They being the people who sign your paycheck. You know...them.   Are You Grateful You Have A Good Job? If you have a good job, consider yourself to be one of the lucky ones. If you're not grateful for having a good job in times like these, shame on ... Read More