Quiznos: What Happened To Joe The Franchisee?


I don’t know Joe. What I do  know is this: Someone named “Joe” left a comment on a post I wrote concerning the Quiznos lawsuit and the huge settlement amount the parties agreed to. (It was a class-action lawsuit) I have no idea if Joe was a genuine  former Quiznos franchisee or not. Fact: Joe wasn't the only person who submitted comments under that post. Several other people added ... Read More

Here’s What This Window Genie Franchise Owner Didn’t Want

retail store

Greg told me he "didn't want a retail store." So, I didn't talk to him about franchise opportunities that required a retail storefront. Franchise Search Tip: Knowing what you don't want can quickly open the door to what you may  want. Does that make sense?   About Greg Greg Pyles, of Fresno, California, wanted to find a suitable franchise business opportunity in which he'd be ... Read More

An Idea For Franchisors And Franchisees in 2015

deep into your business network

Here's an idea: Make 2015 a giving  year. I'm not referring to charity work or community work, although I would encourage you to do that. Keep reading to find out how I want you to become a giver in 2015.   An Idea For Franchisors And Franchisees in 2015 I want you to become a giver to your business network. I want you to give referrals to people in your business network when ... Read More

Franchise Interviews: The UPS Store®

the ups store chris adkins franchise sales

(Sponsored Post) It's very beneficial for today's potential franchise owners to get a feel of the opportunities they're interested in from a lot of different angles. Existing franchisees are a great source of information about the opportunity. Franchise executives are, too. (Chris Adkins) That's why we reached out to  Chris Adkins, who's the VP of Franchise Sales for The UPS ... Read More

How To Be The King Of Your Franchise Business

king of a franchise business

That's the goal, right? You purchased the franchise business you're now the owner of , so you could be King. So, you could run the show. So you could be the boss.   What Does Being The King Mean To You? While you're thinking about that, let me share what being King means to me. King= More Freedom And More Control. It means I have more control in my professional life...in my ... Read More

Home-Based Franchises: 12 Things That Make This Franchise Worth Investigating

home office

The sheer number of home-based franchises available these days presents a challenge. How do you not  skip over "The One"? The One that can get you where you want to go. The One that's a great fit for what your top skills are. The One that makes the most sense. The One you feel has the best income potential. The One that can easily be run from home. Your home. You know: "The ... Read More

Retail Franchises: This One Is Getting Ready To Kill Your Brain Cells

killing brain cells

A lot of people ask me about retail franchises. Franchises in the retail sector are pretty popular. Choose the right one, and you could end up doing pretty well. Bonus: Retail franchises make great family businesses. If you're looking to involve other family members in your new business venture, I encourage you to check out some of the retail franchise opportunities available nowadays. You ... Read More