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Owners of retail franchises only have so much space to work with. It’s limiting…so as an Owner, you can pretty much only sell what your customers can see and touch. So, when corporate decides to add a brand-new product line that’s going to take a significant portion of your shelf space, you-as a franchisee, may not want to buy-in to their idea at first. You may have to “Convinced.”

One of the people that I helped put into business, Mike Burzminski, owns three Batteries Plus franchises in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I visited one of his stores over the summer, and we talked business. (I had been to his stores before, but it had been a while.)


The Reason For My Visit

When Entrepreneur Magazine called to tell me that they wanted to do a feature story on me, they mentioned that I should expect a call from a professional photographer who would be doing the photo-shoot.

Chris Langer called me, and said that he wanted to cruise around Cleveland a bit, and snap some pictures of franchises-including ones that I had a hand in opening. One of them that I thought would be a good fit for the article was Batteries Plus, so I called Mike, and told him that we’d be stopping by. And, we did.

As I looked over his store, one thing stood out; the massive amount of light bulbs he stocked. Shelves upon shelves of them. Most of them were the kind of bulbs that we use in The Franchise Kingdom.

I wondered if  Mike bought into the idea of stocking so many light bulbs at first. I didn’t ask him, but I know this; he was very enthusiastic about his inventory of light bulbs on the day I stopped in.

(Unfortunately, I failed miserably in helping him get some PR, as the pictures taken that day weren’t used in the Entrepreneur magazine story.)


retail stores

(Mike Burzminski -on the far right, and his team)


With My Own Eyes

I was able to see fully stocked shelves of super energy-efficient light bulbs in-person at my local Batteries Plus store. I was impressed, but more importantly, I felt good about helping Mike get into this business.

Here’s why:

The executive team at Batteries Plus wants to win. And, they want their franchisees to win, also.

Incandescent light bulbs are being phased out, and Batteries Plus is way ahead of the curve on this one.

But, was it an easy sell? Did every franchisee of Batteries Plus want to stock a massive amount of light bulbs? Did some of them feel that they would lose money because other products…maybe more profitable ones, would have to go away?

Find out by reading this article over at The Franchise Times website.

What do you think? Did Batteries Plus make the right choice here? Would you have embraced this idea?

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Image courtesy of my friend, Ivan Walsh on Flickr


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