This B2B Franchise Specializes In Targeting

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It still works. It always did.

Just ask some of the small business owners in your own community.

And, it’s been around a long time.

As a matter of fact, it’s been around for so long, you may think that it’s not even worth discussing.


But, you’d be wrong.

Now, I’m sure that you’re aware that the internet has impacted the way small business owners get the word out about their businesses in a huge way. But, there’s one marketing technique that’s been proven to work, time and time again.

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a franchise owner, and you like B2B, I encourage you to read about the franchise opportunity that I’m about to tell you about, because it’s one that specializes in DM.


First Things First

I think that I’ve teased you long enough.

I know that you’re probably climbing the walls by now…waiting to find out what the marketing technique is-and the franchise opportunity that I’m referring to. So, without further ado…

It’s DM.

Got it?

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DM=Direct Mail

That’s right; Direct Mail.

It still works because it’s super-targeted, and super-easy to track.


The Franchise

City Publications

From their franchise website:

Our targeted high income and high market value homeowner responds to our upscale direct mail piece because it is professionally packaged, personally addressed and features the products & services they spend significantly on.”

Let’s focus on one word; “Significantly.”

In 2002, City Publications, a Direct Mail franchisor, started franchising their concept.

They made two crucial decisions at launch:

  1. They decided that their franchisees would only target small business owners who sold the finest luxury products and services.
  2. They would only mail their marketing publication to active, affluent homeowners with money to spend

Watch this short video to get a better understanding of the opportunity.


For Accomplished Sales Professionals Only

If you’re a top performer in B2B sales, the franchise development team at City Publications wants to hear from you.

City Publications franchisees are typically:

  • Experienced and proficient in cold calling and relationship building
  • Extremely competitive and driven for success
  • Tenacious and persistent
  • Extremely self-motivated
  • Skilled at identifying key decision makers
  • Great at closing the sale


If you’re looking for a home-based business…with no employees, and no inventory costs, this B2B franchise opportunity warrants your attention.


Print And Digital

Maybe you’re wondering how City Publications competes with digital advertising and marketing.

(I wondered the same thing.)

Have no fear; City Publications offers Email marketing and Mobile marketing.

And, they are the only franchise publication that offers a turnkey solution to both digital and print.

The team at City Publications will be more than happy to share some of the details of their programs.

Just contact them for more information.


Is 2013 going to be the year in which you decide to use your sales skills for a business that you can call your own?

Or, are you going to continue putting your boss’s needs before your own needs?

Go Here For City Publications Franchise Information


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