Franchises; Getting Small Business Loans Approved from The US Small Business Administration (SBA)



What does it mean if a franchise concept has been approved by the SBA?

If you’re looking to buy a franchise, it’s really important to find out what a lot of my industry’s jargon actually means.

For example, I wrote a really popular post about two words that don’t exist in franchising, that’s worth a read if you’re in the market for a franchise. It’s important to not get sucked in by what I call, “happy franchise words,” as you look around for a suitable franchise opportunity.

Back to the SBA approved franchise list; hundreds of franchises are on this list. I feel that they’re worth a look, if you’re buying a franchise. But, the reason they’re “approved” may surprise you.

Watch this video that I made for Franchise Direct (client) that explains what being an SBA approved franchise really means. Franchise Direct Video

And, this is really important; please share this information with anyone you know that’s considering franchise ownership. You’ll be helping them…One more thing; They’re going to need a franchise business plan.



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