A Solar Power Franchise Business?

Harnessing the sun's power

(Harnessing the sun’s energy.)


I wonder what Ray Kroc would think about a franchise business selling a portion of the sun’s energy for a profit.

(I’ll bet he would be smiling and at the same time, shaking his head in disbelief.)

I’ll bet that Joe Bono of Solar Universe would be more than happy to explain the benefits of a green energy type of franchise business model.

Joe’s the CEO of this franchise, which recently secured funding  to expand even more than they are already are. They dominate the solar franchise scene. (Disclosure; I’ve been an evangelist for them for a couple of years now, and have done some of their content marketing.)

I’ve been interested in solar energy for a long time; it just makes sense to me on so many different levels.

For example,  did you know that some local energy utilities will actually buy back extra solar power that you are generating from your home or business? It comes in the form of a credit; they roll back your meter’s dials by the amount of extra energy you produce.

Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing that? I mean really seeing it. Heck,  if I had solar panels installed by Solar Universe on my house, I would throw a rollback party. I’d invite everybody in the neighborhood to gather around my outdoor electric meter at the exact time the dials were going to be rolling back.

Do you think that Solar Universe would pick up a few extra sales in my neighborhood?

I think our country may be ready to throw a few rollback parties.


If you’re an electrical contractor, (or know of one) adding a solar energy franchise to your existing business might be one heck of an add-on business.

For years to come.


Am I on the money here, or am I a dreamer?

What do you think about solar power? Can we make it work?


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  • http://www.clevelandrealestatenews.com Carole Cohen

    :-) Awesome Joel. I mean, over the top awesome.
    The local energy utilities will actually buy back any extra solar power you are generating from your home or business! – omg this is even better. Could NE Ohio actually find a niche here? I dare to dream.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Carole…pretty cool stuff! Being the skeptic that I am, I would like to wait and see how it goes in Ca. But, it could sure help our local energy dependence, huh?
    Joel Libava

  • Andre Pretorius

    I am living in South-Africa,we are currently experiencing a huge energy crisis in the country.The time for clean renewable energy in South-Africa is now.I want to start a solar power business.Solar Power in South-Africa is the way forward!!

  • Mark

    Actually franchising solar outlets although very politically and environmentally correct will be a very tough and long road. There are several well heeled (and public) companies in this space, specifically Akeena Solar and others. Also, there are only a few states which really give purchasers of solar systems the tax breaks required to make the payback over time reasonable. I would be wary of a company that is just trying to pull on the heart strings of people who want to something good with the environment but really are not in a position to compete with well established and well funded companies in this space. Comments welcome.

  • Ian van de Ruit


  • http://www.hybridmile.com Hybrid Cars

    I love solar power I think over the next few years it’s going to be exploding even more… as performance of solar panels goes up people are going to be adopting it everywhere they can… after all it’s free energy :)
    Some things I’m looking forward to are more efficient solar panels, about 5 years from now when I buy my house I want to make sure I can power the entire house and my plugin hybrid all on solar power… I’m also hoping that solar paint will finally be in customers hands… having your entire house generate so much electricity and maybe even being able to sell it back to the grid would be amazing…
    BTW here is more great Solar Power(http://www.aboutmyplanet.com/category/alternative-energy/solar/) information, there is quite a few amazing new solar projects being done right now… it’s really great to see so much focus on alternative energy.

  • Tom

    If anyone wants to start selling solar panels and systems, I have been working with this for awhile and am looking for others to join in. I Have the best product for the best price if you can sell panels and systems email me Sales@usegreencompanies.com

  • amit r hemani

    i am amit from india(mumbai).I want to take frenchsie of solar energy.It is good for nature and also good bussiness.
    I want to know the terms and condition for frenchise.What is the investment and return on investment.I will work hard for this bussiness.
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    Thanks for this great post…

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  • The House Whisperer

    Happy Holidays to all !
    My name is “The House Whisperer “and I am located in Santa Fe New Mexico, and have been in the construction Ind. for 25 years. I am looking to open a show room that showcases all green products and services from a to z.
    Looking for suppliers and investers.



  • Gerry V

    this is the only way to solve these kind problems so keep going, and never give up.

  • JonJordans

    Glad to read your blog. Keep up the good work!

  • http://a2se.org.au/about-us/mission climate change facts online

    You have an interesting blog. Nice information for people. This post is a nice incentive for people who do not believe they can do it! Its worthy as well as very important information. Doing great job to sharing it.

  • sydney

    This is really a great news! The government is really doing it part in saving our environment. As everybody knows, climate change is worsening every day. Using solar power is one of the best ideas the government had. Not only it will help them in terms of financial matter, But the best part is that it will help save our environment.

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  • nanuram

    nice post to
    Solar Power Franchise its really a good business for environment and make money

    lower electricity


  • Anonymous

    Atmosphere change is getting worse every day. Using solar energy is one of the best ideas of government. Not only helps them in terms of an economic issue, but the best part is that it helps save our environment.

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  • http://www.bengelmedia.nl/ actiemarketing

    It would be a big benefit if you would able to use solar
    power to your business. You could save a lot from your electrical consumption. In
    addition to that, you are using an eco friendly alternative.

  • http://www.pacebutler.com cell phone buyback

    Really solar energy use is  a nice option…we should use more renewable resources rather than the non renewable ones…it will help in saving resources for the future generation.

  • Samir Kumar

    i would like to get franchises for solar equipment,pls provide guideline & basic requirement for it.


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  • Mr.Bharath

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  • Ayyappan Arjunan

    Iam ayyappan fro chennai .I want to take frenchsie of solar energy.It is good for nature and also good bussiness.
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    I am Narayana from ongole (A.P), I hove a bussines is show lights show room it’s 2400 sq feet . i have touch on all led lights and other decarative lights……..
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  • Arun

    Hi, this is Arun from Delhi/India. Keen to further explore the solar energy franchise opportunity. Would appreciate sharing details on relevant t&c’s, investment details and possible indication on return of investment. You could reach me at arunchopra29@gmail.com.

  • bharath reddy

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  • naseba1

    Solar Latin America Summit

    29th – 30th
    November 2012


    Be Part of Latin America’s
    Solar Energy Future

    The Solar Latin America
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  • Rathina

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  • Jennifer

    I am looking for a total solar and wind power energy independent franchise company to own in northwest Florida
    I want to be the sales and supply company and piece workout the instillation to a electrical company I have close ties too
    I am a total masonry subcontractor company the 2nd argest in the state of Florida and have been in business since 1996.
    My home is 1-2 miles from the coast My home would be a great example and advertisement benefit to sell this energy independence to northwest Florida.
    Since my husband and I have been in the construction business for 18 years and have an excellent reputation I believe our company would be an asset to any company looking for honest reputable business men to join there team.
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  • shiva

    I want to know the subsidiary of the solar product.

  • om prakash

    I am om Prakash from u.p. India. I have been employee in private company since 2010 but now i have decided to do my own business. I make sure would be dull dedicated for this because I know very well how to make business and already it is a good business for our country. That would make benifit for both, seller and consumer because it is one time investment.
    pls suggest for this frenchisee what should i do???

  • TimJ

    “Heck, if I had solar panels installed by Solar Universe on my house, I would throw a rollback party”.

    This statement concerns me!
    Why doesn’t the person who has ” been an evangelist for them for a couple of years now, and have done some of their content marketing”, Not have your system? He or she said IF I HAD!