The Solar Energy Business Is Going Retail


(This post is part of a paid green franchise marketing ad campaign)

Can you imagine the day that you’ll be able to hop into your hybrid car, and drive right down the street to your local solar energy/renewable energy business to buy solar panels for your home?



Prius 2010



If Dave Bonta has his way, that time is a lot closer than you think. What’s the matter? You don’t think that there’s actually going to be retail solar energy/renewable energy store opening near you in the future?

You’re probably right. After all, why would you want to believe someone who hasn’t paid an electric bill in 12 years?
Part of the reason that green entrepreneur, Dave Bonta, is so confident that his chain of USA Solar Stores is going to grow at an even more rapid clip that they already have, is because of this;



The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. 



Enacted last February, it removed the old cap on small-scale solar hot water and photovoltaic (solar electric) tax credits, and made residential-sized renewable energy systems more affordable than ever.



Now homeowners can take advantage of the same credit as businesses get, potentially resulting in thousands of dollars in savings,” Dave Bonta said.



Of course, Dave’s business was started way before incentives like that were announced. Dave told me that, “the incentives are the icing on the cake. The great thing about USA Solar Stores is that we show people how to do solar living without incentives. That’s the key. How many other business’s involved in solar energy today would still be standing if incentives were taken away?”



Here are three hot facts about solar energy; 



  • More than 10,000 homes in the United States are powered entirely by solar energy
  • Most homes can produce most of the power they need and cut at least 50% off their utility bill
  • Enough sunlight falls on the earth’s surface every hour to meet world energy demand for an entire year 

Would you like to get involved in this business of the future, today






It’s not a franchise 



A USA Solar Store is kind of like your local neighborhood hardware store, except they sell renewable energy items. They sell things like solar panels, wind turbines, super-efficient appliances and a plethora of serious energy saving gadgets.



The USA Solar Store is not a franchise business. That means that there are no ongoing royalty fees. It’s a business opportunity, and the one-time license fee is currently $75,000-done in 3 payments, drawn like a construction loan, stepped to deliverables.



Here’s added bonus; you can pick the name of your store.



Store owners get a proven business model (9 years strong), inventory, training, ongoing support, easy entry into very lucrative renewable energy market potential and a fantastic collaborative brain trust of positive people.



Speaking of positive (and enthusiastic) people, Dave Bonta also co-authored a book titled, “The New Solar Home,” with Stephen Snyder.



Book solar



If you’re interested in becoming a USA Solar Store licensee, Go here right now!



Dave told me that,We’re bringing renewable Energy to Main Street USA!” 



Yes Dave. You are.


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