3D Printing Franchises: Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

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A couple of regular, old printing franchises are experimenting with 3D technology.

Actually, lots of people are playing around with 3D printing. It’s an amazing thing.

Well, I guess that it’s amazing. That’s what I hear. And read about.

But, I don’t understand how it works, nor am I very enthusiastic about learning all I can about the pieces-parts that make 3D printers come to life.

3D Printers Can Actually Cause Death

One thing is for sure; people with evil intentions are coming out of the woodwork because of 3D technology.

For example, Defense Distributed, a Texas-based nonprofit, wants to empower people to print their own guns with a 3D printer. What a great idea. Let’s print some guns! (I refuse to link to their website.)

After all, it’s not like more and more kids are bringing guns to school. And, mentally-ill, recently fired employees certainly aren’t bringing their firearms to work to get back at co-workers.


paper guns

Well, at least the US Department Of Defense jumped on this fast.


DEFCAD files are being removed from public access at the request of the US Department of Defense Trade Controls. Until further notice, the United States government claims control of the information.”


Read more about how the US Government was able to stop this insanity.

I wonder of this guy was able to print a few guns out for his future anti-US government militia before the files were removed from that Texas company’s website…

I hope not.


The Opportunity

There’s an opportunity to take advantage of this new technology.

The time to take advantage of 3D printing, and all of its positive possibilities is now.

If things work out the way I think they will, 3D printing is going to be big business.

Here are just some of the things that can be made with today’s 3D printers:

  • Bicycle parts
  • Wallets
  • Purses
  • Smartphone accessories
  • Hearing aids
  • Lamps
  • FOOD
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Cars

And, this is just the beginning.

Do you think 3D printing franchises will start opening up soon?

If so, what will they print?

What are you going to print?

Let’s start a list.



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  • http://www.bizsugar.com/ Heather Stone

    Hi Joel,
    Really interesting idea here. There could be a couple of possibilities, as I see it. Franchises that make products on demand. Or franchises that offer the service of 3D printing to create customized products for customers. Anything I’m missing?

  • http://businessplanmentor.com/ Business Plan Mentor

    3D printers are actually pretty affordable. I can see franchises coming down the pike by the truckload. As a former franchisee (retail) I immediately looked into the feasibility of a 3D printing company. This is going to explode!

    • http://thefranchiseking.com/about-joel-libava-the-franchise-king The Franchise King

      I agree…thanks for the information.


  • http://about.me/Lindeskog lyceum1776

    Joel: Mainstream media outlets in Sweden have been covering the 3D printing development. But good printers are still pretty expensive, right? That is why a franchising idea like Kinko’s with 3D printer could find a market. I also see 3D printers leasing contracts at co-working spaces with a focus on the creative industry.

    I have to read about how you could print your own food… I saw a link in your post to an article on 3D food. How does it taste?

    • http://thefranchiseking.com/about-joel-libava-the-franchise-king The Franchise King

      Thanks for stopping by all the way from Sweden, Martin!

      Leasing? great idea.

      Now, about that food…


      • http://about.me/Lindeskog lyceum1776

        Joel: I like to stop by the Kingdom now and then, although I am a constitutional Republican (i.e. not for the Royalty)! 😉

        I think that leasing could work because we will see a rapid development with new features in this field.

        I don’t know about the 3D food… 😉 Maybe it is tasty?!

  • Mr. c

    I would love to create, or be a franchisee for a three dimentional printing company. After viewing the 3D printing systems that professors were using to build houses, I began to think about the amazing possibilities that this technology can provide for others. Thus, has anyone seen this concept become reality? Franchise that is…



  • Jake

    Do your homework- Cody wilson sells 3d printers for a living! DUH! this perfect and brilliant marketing campaign has brought more attention to the 3d printing world than you could imagine! you are a right winged idiot- Cody wilson isn’t anti u.s. He’s Not calling to arms. He has never Urged anyone to think the way that he does- He is an advocate of our constitutional rights- He is an advocate of Our generation Growing together into power and cleaning up the absolute disaster that your generation has left us in. And keep in mind- we’re not printing end-use consumer ready products- We’re Printing PROTOTYPES which are further developed and than used for injection tooling molds- Do you live on mars? Self proclaimed Franchise king?